Visage Technologies

Visage Technologies AB is an international company specializing in face tracking. Their main product is a software development kit visage|SDK, conceived for various state-of-the-art applications of face tracking, head tracking and face detection. Visage Technologies' team work around the clock to optimize new machine learning algorithms and computer vision techniques, and to incorporate them into their technology and innovations. 


Visage Technologies offer a wide variety of tools for new developers, established companies, designers, but also art and entertainment experts and academic scholars. Their technology features built-in support for face, head and eye tracking, along with industry-beating support for all major platforms and embedded systems. Visage Technologies' services range from animation and model creation through computer vision applications, platform porting, all the way to system integration and turnkey solutions for modern companies and clients. A unique mix of research, knowledge, experience and cooperation, combined with consulting and costum development services help the clients make the most of this cutting-edge technology. 

Visage Technologies has licensed their newfangled technological achievements to industrial and academic clients, which resulted with an impressive array of products and applications in animation and entertainment industries, marketing, videogames, health industries, robotics, biometrics, automotive and industrial safety, assistive technologies, and many others – only your imagination puts an end to a possible use. The industrial application is conjoined with an artistic one as well, since visage|SDK has been used to create animated works and artistic projects, which clearly illustrate the modern-day interdisciplinary tendencies to fuse art and technology. Visage Technologies is proud to see their clients create a technologically advanced amalgam of modern computer vision, robotics and motion capture with an endless multitude of ideas. Contact Visage Technologies to see what new concepts can you come up with!

Stickmen Media

Stickmen Media, established in 2014, grew out of Stickmen Studios, a game company established in August 2006, the company directors performed several years of research within the video game industry prior to opening the studio in New Zealand’s beautiful ‘Garden City’ Christchurch in June 2008. "The focus, dedication and capability that this New Zealand based creative entertainment team is showing is world class and undoubtedly will make a huge impact in the coming years with the work that they are doing. It is wonderful to see this level of ingenuity and creative content coming from our country." Sir Richard Taylor – Weta WorkShop

Bison Creative

Bison Creative is the Christchurch based Design Studio of Daniel te Kaat. Our obsession is creating beautiful design, typography, illustration and amazing brands. Our focus is on our clients needs and achieving results through innovative thinking and stunning artwork.“Thinking outside the box” is not a term we need to use, if you never enter the box you will never be held back by the conventional, and the opportunity to create unique artwork is naturally available.Specialising in Branding, Graphic Design, Illustration, Typography,Print Collateral, Environmental & Signage Design, Packaging Design, Web Design & Development.What ever is required we have the ability to deliver the results ourclients want and need.