Key features

Show people just how much swagg you really have. Unleash the animal inside, get crazy with your alibi, post funky photos and zany videos till you drop.
Snappadoodle. The new, fun and interactive way to shoot videos and selfies through augmented reality. Discover a completely new way to immerse yourself in your surroundings, through the use of animal avatars and the latest facial recognition technology you can truly release the animal inside with complete anonymity.
Snappadoodle allows you to talk and move your head uninhibited creating an uncanny user experience never seen before. Become a cat, pig or a dog, whilst creating fun and imaginative videos for you to share amongst your family and friends through social media networks and private mailing lists. You are now free to make anyone, including yourself, funny and crazy. Snappadoodle has countless other applications and uses and is only limited by your humor and imagination.